ART Ep. 171: Undercity Under Siege

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Ben and Jon discuss cut content, flying in the future, and give away some beta codes!

We have out Beta Code Transmog Contest Winners!

Class Contest:

Ben’s pick: J Ekman

J Ekman


Jon’s pick: Ravensong


Random pick 1: Jake Stephens

Jake Stephens

Random pick 2: Andrew Holmes

Andrew Holmes

Cool Contest

Ben’s pick: Korbin Smith

Korbin Smith

Jon’s pick: Saanji


Random pick 1: Umistybro


Random pick 2: Redsniper


Funny Contest

Ben’s pick: John June

John June

Jon’s pick: Rejj


Random pick 1: Frank Rolr

Frank Rolr

Random pick 2: Michael Coleman

Michael Coleman

Thank you everyone who entered!  We received a ton of submissions, all of them exceeding the expectations that Jon and I had making this an incredibly hard contest to judge.  Your support and enthusiasm means a great deal!  Thank you!

ART Ep. 170: Operation Stealth Bird (feat. Zoopercat)!

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Ben and Jon are joined by Zoopercat to talk about simulations, Ask Mr. Robot, and to give you a chance to win a Legion Beta invite!

World of Warcraft Legion Beta code contest!

That’s right, we are giving away not 1, not 2, but 9 Legion Beta codes!  Jon and Ben are incredibly excited about the changes to the transmog system and to help celebrate the new wardrobe feature, we want to see your transmogs!

We are looking for transmog outfits that fit into one of three categories: Class, Cool, or Funny!

For a Class transmog, we want to see what you think best epitomizes your class!  Essentially we want to know what makes a Warlock look like a Warlock, how do you visually represent your Warrior and any other class you can think of!

For a Cool transmog, we are looking for a set that you’ve thrown together that just looks awesome!  How bad ass can you make your toon?

And lastly for a Funny transmog, we want to see the funniest sets you can think of, the sky is the limit!  Whether it’s a costume to try and look like He-man, Captain America, or Sylvannas, we want to see it!

How to enter:  Email a screenshot of your transmog to with the subject line “Transmog Class” if you are sending one in for the class competition, “Transmog Cool” for the cool competition, and “Transmog Funny” for the funny competition.

Jon and Ben will each pick their favorite from each type as well as a random 3rd winner totaling 9 possible chances to win.  You can send in an entry for each transmog type, but if you win a Beta code, your other entries will no longer be considered in the other transmog type categories.

Make sure to get those screenshots in soon as we will stop taking entries on July 1st at 12pm Pacific time.

Good luck, and have fun!