Monthly Archives: June 2015

ART Ep. 117: Just didgeridoo it (feat. Leeta)!

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On this episode of Azeroth Roundtable Ben and Jon are joined by Leeta to talk Blizzard news and explore a different type of WoW gameplay!

World of Warcraft News: Names are being released with Patch 6.2.

Heroes of the Storm News: Leoric and the Monk announced!

New Diablo themed skins revealed!

Starcraft News: Whispers of Oblivion: Prologue missions!

Roundtable: Ironman, Pacifist, and Blood Thirsty Challenges!

ART Ep. 116: Taking a look at the Q&A

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Ben and Jon talk about this week’s Blizzard news and discuss the answers given in the WoW Q&A.

World of Warcraft news: Eurogame article with the first WoW screenshots!

Patch 6.2 Shipyard preview.

Patch 6.2 Armor preview.

Dev Watercooler: Flying; The WoWhead flying readiness tool!

Heroes of the Storm News: Eternal Conflict announced!

Hearthstone News: New Heroes and Game mode announced!

Roundtable topic: Blizzard Q&A video; Icy Veins transcript

ART Ep. 115: Nexus Roundtable (feat. Mick Montgomery)!

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On this episode of Azeroth Roundtable Ben and Jon are joined by Mick Montgomery to delve into a plethora of Blizzard News and to cross dimensions and chat about Heroes of the Storm!

World of Warcraft News: WoW Q&A bumped to June 13th.

WoW Added to the World Video Game Hall of Fame.

Patch 6.2 Hellfire Citadel preview.

Hearthstone News: New Hero skin added.

Heroes of the Storm News: Heroes of the Storm is now LIVE!

New Hero available: Johanna.

Stream Event June 6th 12pm – 3pm PDT.

Overwatch News: Loads of Hero videos available to view!