ART Ep. 118: A Little Too Hot Doggy (feat. Kephas and Jocelyn)!

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On this episode of Azeroth Roundtable Ben and Jon are joined by Jocelyn and Kephas to talk about the ups and downs of Patch 6.2!

2 thoughts on “ART Ep. 118: A Little Too Hot Doggy (feat. Kephas and Jocelyn)!

  1. Voltair

    Hello, my name is Voltair i am on the Proudmoore Alliance server U.S i have been playing wow since launch I have raided every raid available in WOWs life cycle while it was current and am the GM of Silver Hand . I used to really enjoy your podcast but it seems you guys have def lost interest in WOW i used to love the passion you would show on your podcast but as of late i have to say i cant even get through a full episode , it seems you guys are more about bashing the current game style then what you are interested in playing in maybe its time to call the podcast quits if you interest is no longer there i feel you guys are making a more negative impact to new and old players alike. I hear complaints about Apexis crystals in 6.2 but no one seemed to have a problem with Valor or justice points i have always appreciated this system if you want to grind it out there are options for gear. I hear complaints about current content although according to you , you have not even explored it for the lack of motivation. How are you able to have a round table discussion on content when u dont experience it ? i just dont get the point of your podcast anymore it is very informative but it just highlights all the negative aspects of wow. Blizzard has given people a buffet to pick and choose there own style of game play and the way they want to engage in the game of course not every aspect of the game is for everyone. Anyways i will continue to raid as i always have and see what blizzard has in store. sorry if this email was a rant but i listen to ur podcast almost religiously every week while i am at work but now i find it hard to get thru one just cuz of all the negative vibes i get . Maybe you should stay out of azeroth and move to gotham now all i am saying and let the people who still have passion for WOW take care of the podcasting. The one thing i did take from this podcast i enjoyed was your guest he said ” I dont want to be a commander anymore , but an adventurer” I def agree with that statement and recognize changes can be done to improve game play experience. but im not going to sit there and bash something i spend 1/3 of my life doing.

  2. rasam

    About the ashran dam that sounds bad, breaking the game for ppl that dont want to jump to the easy one to do seal clubbing. Bg should be hard and fun. I want to enter ashran and not to do ping pong game to find the easy way to get my goal done!


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