ART Ep. 124: A Legion of Info!

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On this episode of Azeroth Roundtable Ben and Jon discuss all the news and reveals coming out of Gamescom!

World of Warcraft: Legion.

Heroes of the Storm: Gamescom info.

Hearthstone: Gamescom info.

2 thoughts on “ART Ep. 124: A Legion of Info!

  1. Rustynail

    Fairly new listener and generally really enjoy the show… however, ENUFF of the HOTS chat… Thought this was a WOW podcast. Go make a HOTS cast if you love it so much. I don’t care about HOTS, I do care about WOW and the upcoming expansion news and commentary.. waited over 40 minutes before you even mentioned wow. Enuff already… just saying!.

    1. Revendawn

      Hey Rustynail, thanks for the feedback. I’m glad that generally speaking you are enjoying it. That said I do want to address what you said and also use this post as a nice place to point anyone who share your feelings.

      First off we are primarily a WoW podcast, but we’ve never been exclusively WoW on what we talk about. Recently we’ve tried to make that clearer by changing our “News” bumper into a “Blizzard News” bumper, but at the same time I also understand that a show called “Azeroth RoundTable: A World of Warcraft Podcast” talking about things other than WoW might feel misleading.

      The short answer to your comment is “no”. We’re currently not going to start a Heroes podcast, we aren’t going to change our name, and we’re not going to be told what our show can or cannot be. I understand if that means this show isn’t for you and you stop listening. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it sounds like you do enjoy the WoW content so I encourage you to read further.

      Our show’s format is pretty basic. We start with what we’ve been up to. This section will often be WoW related if we’re playing a lot of WoW and have something to say. Currently our attention has been in other places so this section has been pretty empty of WoW talk. This will probably change when Legion comes out, but right now I can’t make doing my apexis dailies this week any more interesting than the week before. So this section is reserved to also allow to talk about life, food, non-Blizzard games, anything really.

      Second we do Blizzard News. This section is to discuss any major topics from within Blizzard’s franchises. There will also frequently be WoW talk here, when there are news stories. We do try to limit the amount of other game news we discuss, but as the episode you commented on was “What they showed at GamesCom” we talked about it all. So here you will hear about Heroes, Diablo, Starcraft, Overwatch, but there might also be some WoW too.

      Finally the RoundTable will always be Warcraft related unless we are specifically doing an episode devoted to another game. This’ll typically only happen after a launch and even then it’s not 100% of the time. I’m not going to explain it too much, because it sounds like it’s the part of the show you enjoy and it’s not changing or going anywhere.

      That’s the basics of the show. When we are really into WoW I’d say 80-100% of the show will be Warcraft related. If it’s a point where we aren’t playing as much that percentage will go down. That said what this show is, is the show Ben and I want to do. It’s not changing. My advice to you would be to skip ahead if we hit a topic or a game you aren’t into, barring that we might not be the show for you, and that’s ok too. There are a lot of really fantastic WoW podcasts out there, more often than not we bring people from those shows on here to talk about WoW. I’m sure that there are plenty covering just Warcraft that might be better for you.

      Regardless we always welcome the feedback and thank you for listening.



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