ART Ep. 150: Secret secret (feat. Kilroy)!

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Ben and Jon are joined by Kilroy to talk gold, leveling, and secrets.

3 thoughts on “ART Ep. 150: Secret secret (feat. Kilroy)!

  1. James

    Sid from Toy Story was wearing a Zero shirt which is a skateboard company, not a Punisher shirt. Sorry that was just bothering me, haha.

  2. James

    I just started playing WoW again after several years of absence from the game, and this FREAKING podcast touched on SO MANY feels I have towards the World of Azeroth. I think Blizzard should hear this.

    Also I’m a huge proponent of level scaling in MMOs. To me a lion in the barrens shouldn’t be dramatically weaker or stronger than a lion in Hillsbrad, a panther in the Swamp of Sorrows, or a tiger in Strangletjorn Vale. I think a level scaling system like in GW2 could make old content at least somewhat relevant. Yes you should out level things to a degree, but you shouldn’t be able to walk around as essentially a god, just cuz you got shinier gear. As of now the vast majority of the world sits vacant and pointless which is a monumental shame.


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