ART Ep. 177: Deaths and Consequences

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Ben and Jon talk about the demon invasion, cutscenes, and breaking some isles.

1 thought on “ART Ep. 177: Deaths and Consequences

  1. Jason

    You guys didn’t talk much about the story and cinematic for demon hunters, but it should be noted that Maiev Shadowsong is a psycopath.
    During the demon hunter story you are captured by Maiev, and then we flash forward ‘years later’ to where you see Maiev talking to you before she releases you from the cystal…
    You see Maive talking to you BEFORE she releases you.
    The demon hunters are conscious in their prisons for years, unable to move or speak. This worse than solitary confinement, which by many experts is considerd a form of torture, and she had planned to leave you all like that for enternity?
    No wonder Illidan is crazy and lacking people skills. How many centuries was he trapped, conscious and isolated?


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