ART Ep. 196:Holiday special: Rogue One Spoiler Show

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Ben and Jon take some time this holiday special to talk about Rogue One.


1 thought on “ART Ep. 196:Holiday special: Rogue One Spoiler Show

  1. Marc Lombart

    I’m writing this as I am listening to the show. I am filled with mild rage. For like many amateur movie reviewers you make the mistake I have to hate the most. It comes when you are talking about the cameos in the movie.

    You need to learn what the word means before you keep using it. Cameo is not a synonym for small role. None of the cameos you mentioned were cameos, except the blue milk, the others were ROLES. Cameo is when you see an actor, but they have no role, action or dialogue, like Stan Lee in Daredevil.

    Otherwise, great review of a great movie.


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