ART Ep. 243: Ganked by Nostalgia (feat. Spencer and Jason)!

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Ben and Jon are joined by Spencer and Jason from The Starting Zone to chat about Expansions, Classics, and World PvP.

2 thoughts on “ART Ep. 243: Ganked by Nostalgia (feat. Spencer and Jason)!

  1. Daz Lartist

    Figured I’d give you guys a listen again after a break from podcasts and there’s a guy basically calling me a loser for playing a private server, sounding all high and mighty assuming people who would love classic wow are just regressing to their childhoods, cheap or criminally minded – totally wrong – obviously this podcast is not for me….

    1. azerothroundtable Post author

      I didn’t think we came across like that but were genuinely confused on the drive for Classic WoW. I’m sorry we came across so negatively, but we definitely aren’t for everyone. Thank you for giving us a chance. – Ben


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