ART Ep. 245: Gul’danduin (feat. Belle)!

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Ben and Jon are joined by Belle to talk about Horde vs. Alliance, Anduin, and sailing the high seas!

2 thoughts on “ART Ep. 245: Gul’danduin (feat. Belle)!

  1. Keyboardshinobi

    I am sorry but i really disliked this episode. Your guys ease of the idea of taking away a core system that make warcraft…warcraft is down right frustrating. U.S.A and the Soviet Union hated each other, but the nazis made an honest threat so they banned together defeated them, then went right back to fighting. I will 100% loose all interest in the world of azeroth if one of the factions get dismantled by the other.
    The best case scenario if the alliance win. The forsaken, Gone, the Blood elves exiled, the tauren loose their land, the orcs forced back to dreanor. Best case scenario if the horde win, nothing because the horde wont win. Taking out the indifference takes out a corner stone of what make the factions what they are.

    Also if Anduin goes evil for even one innocent death, he dies. He doesnt get a pass, we didn’t try to talk arthas down, we didnt try to talk garrosh down. People wont let sylvanis explain what happened. If anduin looses it, at all, he should die like the rest.

    So in summery the Horde/Ally war should continue, the enemy of my enemy is a fine way for us to be like look chill it lets take care of this and then we can get back to killing each other.

    Other than all this still love your guys show listen to the download every monday as i walk to and from work. Keep it up.

  2. Simplehiccup

    Potential Questions for Future Shows:
    1) Do you have any concerns that the next xpan will have any Garrison-type disappointments? Ie. things that are receiving lots of hype now but you fear may turn out mediocre.
    2) Belle’s predictions about Anduin’s fall from grace (potentially into the void) made me wonder if you guys think there could be a chance that story devs might this time around make Alliance “the bad guys” and turn Anduin into another Garrosh? Love the show. Thanks for all you guys do.


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