ART Ep. 247: Another round of Q’s and A’s

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Ben and Jon take some time to answer questions about WoW, candy, and everything in between!

1 thought on “ART Ep. 247: Another round of Q’s and A’s

  1. Simplehiccup

    Last Jedi seemed to ‪pander to the lowest common denominator with gratuitous “cute” creatures, a five minute space commute back and forth from gambling planet to war zone and misc. dead-end story lines. It’s getting rave reviews, so my opinions are apparently the minority. I’m admittedly of an older generation and favor the 1977 release. Upon exiting the film, I overheard a woman (wearing a “white lives matter” shirt) gushing excitedly about the Superman Leia scene. I’m very much looking fwd to ART’s dissection of this film.


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