ART Ep. 261: But it’s ok (feat. Thyst and Thorn)!

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Ben and Jon are joined by Thyst and Thorn to talk about customization, tiny touches, and the highest mountain.

Pictures mentioned in the episode:

1 thought on “ART Ep. 261: But it’s ok (feat. Thyst and Thorn)!

  1. Colin

    Love the show, the off-beat take on things and the wildly entertaining conversation. Regarding the discussion of Tauren and their horns, I just wanted to share some of the back-story of my Tauren Paladin, who I’ve been playing since early Cata. He has maintained the double-chopped horns from the beginning as a sign of mourning for Cairne and the injustice surrounding his death, so that’s at least one potential rp reason to go with that look. My HMT Druid definitely sporting the full rack though! All the best and keep up the great work.


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