ART Ep. 274: Geometry rules (feat. Spencer Downey)!

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Ben and Jon are joined by Spencer to talk about some of our favorite things, crafting, and quest rewards!

Contest winning screenshots:

My favorite Alliance place is the Pig and Whistle Tavern in Stormwind.  As a rogue I feel like this would be the place where I would hang out and meet with people for all my shady dealings.  There is a perfect little table under the stairs near the bar where I could sit in the shadows but still see the people as they won’t in the door.

Dolanaar – Teldrassil Most memorable hub to me as it was the 1st I encountered in Vanilla.

Good evening from Southern California it is Effing Farris here and my favorite place is Tian Monastery in the Jade Forrest, first off it is beautiful its a training facility with tons of cherry blossoms and stair cases to cool little training facilities, also it shares the name with a cool Dragonball Z character btw check out dragonball legends on the appstore pretty fun dragonball game. This is also the place my wife saw and started to try wow cause she thought the pandas were cute and the area was pretty, she quit in wod almost don’t blame her lol. I would love to win a beta key almost as much as I want new cloaks. Have a good one the recent show was great, thank you guys. I don’t know how many pictures you want so enjoy this selfie and a beautiful tree behind me. Thank you guys for everything have a good one.

Here is the shot of my favourite place in WoW and also the one I will miss the most!

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