ART Ep. 342: He’s got the clamps (feat. Jocelyn and Scott)!

Ben and Jon are joined by Jocelyn and Scott to talk about Vulpera, Gates, and arrows from the sky.

1 thought on “ART Ep. 342: He’s got the clamps (feat. Jocelyn and Scott)!

  1. Chris Mastrogiacomo

    Hi Guys,
    I just listened to #342. You all were talking about time gating in BFA and how Classic feels so different/better. I think I know why.
    In vanilla/classic leveling was the only gate outside of attunements.You simply had to be tough enough to move on and that felt natural.
    In my experience with classic, I could not move on to the Wetlands from Loch Modan until I was at a high enough level and had decent enough equipment to do so. I was free to try but the mobs would slaughter me.
    On the other hand there was this Ogre quest line in Loch Modan with the L18 Elites. I actually had to come back to complete after leveling a little in Wetlands. That was honestly rewarding and fun. Kicking those Ogre’s butts after them stomping me was very fulfilling.
    Nothing is gated in classic. You don’t need to grind rep to get anything. Your character just needs to be strong enough to adventure in the next zone.
    I think putting content and rewards behind a rep grind is a cheap way out of creating more robust content. Vanilla was 60 levels spread across 2 continents. They did not need a rep grind. Blizzard could not create 60 levels every expansion so they developed the rep grind as system for players to repeat the same content over and over again instead much more non repeatative content. Sounds like a programmers idea.
    Just my 2 cents.
    Best Regards,’
    AKA Starhammer


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