ART Ep. 358: Jon Promised Us A Manny (feat. Spencer, Jason, but not Manny)!

Spencer and Jason from The Starting Zone are here to add some damn credibility to us talking about raiding. We also get into the Pros and Cons of the Race to World First, try to build a better method, and talk about those broken things that made the game great!

1 thought on “ART Ep. 358: Jon Promised Us A Manny (feat. Spencer, Jason, but not Manny)!

  1. Jack

    The bosses should not be buggy from the day the raid is launched. Blizzard has six months to work on these bosses and the expectation is that your game should not be buggy from the day it launches. Not six weeks after it launches. There will inevitably be bugs but these bugs should not be so severe that the gateway incorrectly spawns at 25% on N’zoth when it shouldn’t have done. That resulted in a lot of confusion on what was meant to happen in the encounter. This was a boss tier where Limit literally got an email from Blizzard stating that the gateway was bugged, should be ignored and that you just kill the boss. The lack of QA and severity of these bugs is inexcusable. I don’t personally blame the developers because it’s clear that QA was obliterated in the firing of 800 employees and they’ve been under harsh deadlines with Shadowlands behind schedule as we can see with 8.3.5 being cancelled. I do blame Blizzard as an entity for their mismanagement.

    N’zoth got a lot of negative coverage and for good reason. The bugs were severe which halted progression and caused a lot of confusion. The boss itself is just Heroic with more damage and health. There is no way this boss was finished when the Mythic phase was just porting to the heart and killing a random mob then porting back again. As the final tier boss of an expansion it’s an extreme let down that it revolves around doing the same phase twice and then burning the boss down. It’s a long boring fight with a Mythic only phase that is a joke compared to previous tier mythic phases in spectacle. They know it sucks and likely just ran out of time before launch or had to cut part of the encounter because it was so buggy.

    The negativity received for N’zoth was not present for Jaina. Jaina was a great final boss tier and the coverage was positive. Whether coverage is positive or negative is going to revolve around boss design and how buggy the boss is. The state of N’zoth explains the state of coverage.

    Splitting the RWF into tiers like ICC would be a bad idea. The RWF neatly compresses into about 1-2 weeks of coverage at the moment. This is good for production of these events and media coverage. If they split a 12 boss raid into 4 tiers nobody would care about the first 3 tiers because those bosses are tuned to be easier and are completed much quicker which is a production cost and viewership problem. ICC timegating didn’t go down well with the playerbase during WoTLK either which is why they didn’t do it again.

    The nature of boss tuning for Mythic is that the last boss requires exponentially more attempts than the first and my personal opinion is that is fine. The early bosses aren’t so difficult that guilds between Heroic and Mythic can’t get past them and the later bosses are difficult to the point that Mythic guilds won’t be on the last few bosses while the world first raiding guilds are attempting them. Blizzard then nerfs the last few bosses and the encounters are naturally nerfed through average player item level increasing. It’s a system that has worked fine and I would not want to see the earlier bosses or later bosses become harder with the current race taking about 7-14 days to finish.

    As for having special bosses for world first raiding. It’s possible but Blizzard has mismanaged their esports to such an extent with Overwatch League and Starcraft 2 that I wouldn’t want them to get involved. Esports can’t be reliably bootstrapped into success as OWL has found out nor do I want Blizzard to have that level of control over the event. This is a company that after all used cash shop purchases supporting the arena tournament to reduce the amount Blizzard pays towards the prize pool rather than increasing it. Blizzard as a brand no longer means quality or trust now and the treatment they’ve given to the players who compete has been awful.

    Overall, the state of RWF is good. All that is really needed is global releases and more QA on boss encounters. Like ADGQ it’s an event that comes around every six months or so with strong viewership which generates interest in World of Warcraft. That’s an impressive achievement for a game that is more than 15 years old now.

    Corrupted gear being so powerful and random is bad. It’s not fun to have other people doing 15% more damage because they got a few random pieces with good corruption nor is it great when ilvl 420 pieces are outperforming Mythic quality gear. The current state of corrupted gear has made the game pay to win as your best items are BOE items from the auction house with good corruption. There are a number of other problems with the system such as getting corruption on one piece makes another piece of corrupted gear unusuable because it would make your corruption too high. However, you don’t want to cleanse the other piece because it would be a DPS upgrade if you find another better piece of gear for your current corrupted slot. It’s a convoluted system that is not suited to being tied to gear or as a replacement to titanforging. A risk for reward system is still interesting but I’d rather they implemented it in a glyph system that is not tied to gear.


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