1 thought on “ART Ep. 415: Azeroth Hiatus Table

  1. Fractawr

    Dear Mr. Jeager,
    For the love of all that’s holy and/or gaming related, why oh why do you not speak of this brilliant show you have on Core!? Have I missed it? Or does the evil Frogpants corporation not allow you to even mention it? (that Scott guy MUST be tge devil himself! I just know it! All those fart noises and nastiest of analogies make sense now! )
    Seriously though, great show guys. I tried to find if the people of CORE & TWBD are doing other podcasts, found Beau, found Kyle, and fiiiinaly you Jon. And as I found out – Ben is pretty awesome too. Now the only trouble is – you guys are on hiatus here! So backlog it is. All 8 years of it to choose from!
    I very much hope you do come back even stronger, and with invigorated interest. I’ll be waiting to listen to whatever the two of you decide to venture into, wow related or not:)
    Thanks, you two, for the great show!
    – a new listener


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