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ART Ep. 247: Another round of Q’s and A’s

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Ben and Jon take some time to answer questions about WoW, candy, and everything in between!

Turns out there is a thing called YouTube…

Why we Stream Video
Let me start with a little behind the scenes on the show. A couple months back Ben got a webcam and started pushing for our show to include video when we streamed. I had used my laptop’s camera and real shoddy setup to allow video in the past for other shows, but didn’t have a proper webcam so I told him no.

Ben was persistent though and he managed to get my “no” up to a “maybe, if I get a webcam”. Eventually I caved and got one, but because I’m not overly fond of being on camera I continued to fight him on doing video. The only argument that had any merit was that there was no point to it, which Ben countered by saying he’d start uploading our videos to YouTube. I caved and we’ve been doing video pretty much ever since.

However only one episode was ever actually uploaded to YouTube (Episode 70, for those interested).

We Discover YouTube
Recently we began doing solo instance races and playing matches of Heroes of the Storm when our show stops recording. It’s been a lot of fun and we keep the chatroom up nice and late for these little events. Because they do go late though I thought it’d be nice if people could see a little of what we do archived.

I dusted off our woefully ignored YouTube channel and posted a couple of videos, but what I discovered was that we had about 95 view on that Episode 70 upload. Now that is not a lot, but for a video we haven’t promoted, or talked about. On a channel that we’ve pretty much ignored. 95 views isn’t bad either. What it tells me is that regardless of if it is small or potentially big, there is an audience for our silly show there.

What we are doing
So as a result of all of this we are going to start uploading every episode we do to YouTube in its video format (as long as we do video). This will begin with episode 101 moving forward.

In addition we are going to do more APPs (ART Plays Poorly) where we play various games, some WoW video content, and hopefully a lot more fun video things that I’m not ready to commit to just yet. The hope is that regardless of if you join us live each week or just download the show, that this YouTube channel will have some content you’ll enjoy.

So why are you telling us this?
We are going to probably be doing a decent amount of promoting this stuff and the reason is pretty simple. Ben and I are excited about it. However if you want a better reason than that, we’ve come up with a rather insidious plan to raise interest in the channel.

If we hit 100 subscribers to our YouTube channel, not only will we be uploading the show each week, but we will also be posting our “Post Show”. For those of you not sure what that is, let me tell you. Each week for those of us who join us live we keep streaming for about an hour or so once we’ve officially signed off. Now whether or not this content is any good is a matter of perspective, but the point is until now the only way to see or hear it was to be at the show live. Until we hit the goal that will remain the case, although we might put clips up as we see fit.

I hope you all will check out the page as we build it and fill it with fun stuff. You can find it at
As always if you have any feedback or would like to suggest content you’d like to see you can e-mail us at