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ART Ep. 344: Sucking on Fel!

Ben and Jon share their first impressions of Blizzcon 2019.

ART Ep. 343: Azeroth Roundtable’s Blizzcon 2019 Prediction Show (feat. Rho and Manny)!

Ben and Jon are joined by Rho and Manny to predict what’s going to happen at Blizzcon 2019!

ART Ep. 342: He’s got the clamps (feat. Jocelyn and Scott)!

Ben and Jon are joined by Jocelyn and Scott to talk about Vulpera, Gates, and arrows from the sky.

ART Ep. 341: A Serious talk about Blizzard.

Ben and Jon address the actions of Blizzard in response to Blitzchung.

ART Ep. 340: Searching for Weapons (feat. Tetsemi)!

Ben and Jon are joined by Tetsemi to talk about Heirloom gear, transmog, and necklaces.

ART Ep. 339: The Fourth War (feat. Tru Villain Manny)!

Ben and Jon are joined by Manny to talk about the end of the War Campaign.

ART Ep. 338: Furry Abominations (feat. Rho)!

Ben and Jon are joined by Rho to talk about flying, gates, and the Hydraxian Waterlords.

ART Ep. 337: Mechagon Wild!

Ben and Jon spend time to talk about WoW Now and WoW Classic.

ART Ep. 336: Pop Pop Enemies Drop (feat. Thyst and Thorn)!

Ben is joined by Thyst and Thorn to talk a little about leveling, pvp, and the X-men.

ART Ep. 335: It’s all Hunter loot (feat. Spencer and Jason)!

Ben and Jon are joined by Spencer and Jason to talk about the ins, outs, and everything inbetween about WoW and Classic.