ART Ep. 113: No Fly Zone (feat. Alisaunder)!

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On this episode of Azeroth Roundtable Ben and Jon are joined by Alisaunder to sit at the kiddie table and discuss a topic that has been plaguing the developers since November of 2013!

Kiddie Table Topics: Ogrim Doomhammer

Dev Watercooler: Itemization.

Polygon’s Ion Hazzikostas interview.

Restokin’s forum post about the flying news.

1 thought on “ART Ep. 113: No Fly Zone (feat. Alisaunder)!

  1. nobodyspecial

    Ya lost a sub. An entire episode bemoaning the loss of flying? I could handle about an hour of it, when I finally got fed up and unsubbed.

    I doubt they’ll keep flying out of future subs. It is unfortunate that I can’t fly around the world, but rather than complaining, I’m more curious as to why they’d have made this decision. Is it because the new zone they are implementing would have an invisible wall attached (try flying into the jungle with a rocket and parachute, the wall is silly). Or because they wanted to avoid the wintergrasp insta-dismount when they opened the jungle. Is it because level designers optimized the world to look good from the ground and when you hit a short flight on a rocket, you’re not loading as much as you would if you were flying.

    As a pvp player, I LOVE no flying. It’s reintroduced world pvp to the game. It’s a great side effect. I also don’t mind not flying, because I’m mostly at my garrison or ashran, to which I have a portal in my garrison; if I’m not raiding.

    Count me as one of the players who trusts Blizzard – which by your claim makes me as bad as someone who takes the game far too serious – because I’m still finding fun in the game and the mobs of loud mouths and children podcasting and crying for nearly 2 hours about not flying are more a squeaky wheel than I care to be.


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