Monthly Archives: July 2016

ART Ep. 175: Feel the Fury (feat. Siv)!

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Ben and Jon are joined by Siv to talk some fury, raiding, and breaks!

ART Ep. 174: Many Moosen!

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Ben and Jon completely geek out about classes and the pre-expansion patch!

ART Ep. 173: Goodbye Warlords (feat. Jocelyn, Rho, and Tetsemi)!

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The Roundtable is packed as Ben and Jon are joined by Jocelyn, Rho, and Tetsemi to give Warlords of Draenor a proper farewell.

ART Ep. 172: Thar be Treasure (feat. Mick Montgomery)!

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Ben and Jon are joined by Mick to talk about the pre-patch, treasure hunting, and Mac and Cheetos.

ART Ep. 171: Undercity Under Siege

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Ben and Jon discuss cut content, flying in the future, and give away some beta codes!

We have out Beta Code Transmog Contest Winners!

Class Contest:

Ben’s pick: J Ekman

J Ekman


Jon’s pick: Ravensong


Random pick 1: Jake Stephens

Jake Stephens

Random pick 2: Andrew Holmes

Andrew Holmes

Cool Contest

Ben’s pick: Korbin Smith

Korbin Smith

Jon’s pick: Saanji


Random pick 1: Umistybro


Random pick 2: Redsniper


Funny Contest

Ben’s pick: John June

John June

Jon’s pick: Rejj


Random pick 1: Frank Rolr

Frank Rolr

Random pick 2: Michael Coleman

Michael Coleman

Thank you everyone who entered!  We received a ton of submissions, all of them exceeding the expectations that Jon and I had making this an incredibly hard contest to judge.  Your support and enthusiasm means a great deal!  Thank you!