ART Ep. 174: Many Moosen!

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Ben and Jon completely geek out about classes and the pre-expansion patch!

1 thought on “ART Ep. 174: Many Moosen!

  1. Grunch

    Hey Guys, great episode! Just listening to you guys discussing the class changes makes me totally psyched to go try some of the other classes, I usually stick to my warrior.

    I wanted to comment on what Jon said about being torn between cool new talents/abilities vs the statistically “superior” ones. Don’t forget that most of the time, those statistical differences really apply only to the very top tier of players, i.e. mythic raiders if not in fact the top tier of mythic raiders. I myself frequently fall victim to min/maxing and putting alot of stock in what icy veins, etc., say, but in most cases for the average or even above average player, those other “cooler” abilities will perform just as well. In some cases, the statistically superior abilities are in fact worse because they might make the ideal rotation much more complex and thus more likely to be messed up.

    I’m not saying that you should completely ignore icy veins’ advice, just don’t feel bad if you’d REALLY rather take that Killing Spree! 🙂

    First time I’ve written in but I just felt I needed to point that out….this game should be about having fun and looking cool first! Thanks for the entertaining show and keep up the good work!

    Orc Protection Warrior since 2005

    Terenas Realm


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