ART Ep. 212: Intuitive Interface (feat. Jules)!

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Ben and Jon are joined by Jules to talk about Gul’dan, ugly mounts, and free time.

1 thought on “ART Ep. 212: Intuitive Interface (feat. Jules)!

  1. Martin Rudd

    I resubbed about 2 months ago after leaving shirtly after MoP. The rant at about 40 minutes into the last podcadt was right on the money with how the game feels. I just took my first toon from 85 yo 110 and am overwhelmed and lost.

    It used yo be easy; hit level cap, keep questing if you like, but otherwise start/continue running 5 mans, IL up through Heroics, progress into raids if that’s your thing.

    Flying? Spend some gold.

    Grind rep? Maybe helpful but not really needed.

    Now? Need all the reps, maxed. Multiple new currencies. Do i gear up, AP up, AK up? Work on my Hall? Once i pick a course w/out even knowing if it is best course for me it is hard to identify how to get and stay on course.

    I have been listening yo many podcasts sonce coming back. I like this one, and more discussion from the viewpoint of non top tier raiders is welcome.

    PS Gnomes over Goblins, but you got me wanting to redue the Goblin starting zone.


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