Monthly Archives: June 2019

ART Ep. 326: Guarding the Tidestone!

Ben and Jon talk about Nazjatar, Azshara, and water walking mounts.

ART Ep. 325: The Promised Dwarves (feat. Jason and Beau)!

This week Jon takes the reigns while Ben is away to talk about the way we play the game. What drives some to log in every week versus others who only see the first few months. Also, virtual weddings!

ART Ep. 324: Right Clicking Arrows (feat. Marconin)!

Ben and Jon are joined by Marconin to talk about level squish, sharing abilities, and the Lantern Corps.

ART Ep. 323: That old classic feel (feat. Jason and Pat)!

Ben is joined by Jason and Pat to talk about Classic WoW, Current WoW, and some of the differences between them.

ART Ep. 322: The Path of the Old Gods (feat. Rho)!

Ben and Jon are joined by Rho to talk about the old gods, champions, the Caverns of Time.