ART Ep. 326: Guarding the Tidestone!

Ben and Jon talk about Nazjatar, Azshara, and water walking mounts.

2 thoughts on “ART Ep. 326: Guarding the Tidestone!

  1. Ian Quistgaard

    For a show about World of Warcraft, this episode was very lacking in both quality and information. In the first few minutes of this show, nothing actually happened except some bumbling attempts at starting a conversation that was supposed to be about WoW. This was unfortunately a fitting intro for what followed. I have listened to several other shows about WoW and this episode was a major letdown for my first episode to start on. This was also supposed to be a at least show what noteworthy episode as it was also the first released after the launch of the 8.2 patch.
    Not only were both speakers awkward and seemingly uninterested, they were also astonishingly uninformed. Neither had played any real amount of time playing 8.2 and consequently knew next to nothing about it. One speaker admitted to playing basically 10 minutes of it before quitting to go play another game. This in and of itself is no bad thing, I am certainly no stranger to being burnt out on WoW. However, if your going to do a show on the biggest patch in WoW history, at least have put some time in or have prior knowledge, for example having read the patch notes in detail to at least be familiar with the new content. After all this was basically a mini expansion with the sheer volume of changes and new content. This episode was a huge letdown, giving no real information and leaving only an impression of vague ignorance and lack of quality as to the content on the show overall. As it currently stands after this episode, I will very likely not return to this show. 1.5 out of 5 stars. Would not recommend.

    1. azerothroundtable Post author

      I appreciate the input and thank you for giving the show a chance. As two people who do enjoy WoW and discuss it, we don’t actually give pointers, report features, or focus presenting all the information that can be found in patch notes, on WoWhead, or MMO Champion. On top of that, this episode did come at a time when life was busy and we made choices on how to spend our time. I wish you luck on finding a show that matches your needs and enthusiasm. – Ben


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