Monthly Archives: November 2019

ART Ep. 348: The Leftovers!

Ben and Jon take a break from holiday feasting to take some time to chat about WoW and try and finishing answering some questions.

ART Ep. 347: 2019 Call in Spectacular!

Ben and Jon are joined by you and your questions!

ART Ep. 346: Visiting the Aquarium (feat. Tetsemi)!

Ben and Jon are joined by Tetsemi to talk about Anniversary raids, dialogue, and small things with big impacts.

ART Ep. 345: 2019 Blizzcon Preduction results (feat. Rho and Manny)!

Ben and Jon are joined by Rho and Manny to find out who wins the Azeroth Roundtable Crown!

ART Ep. 344: Sucking on Fel!

Ben and Jon share their first impressions of Blizzcon 2019.