1 thought on “ART Ep. 387: Mount Vote 2020 (feat. Spencer and Jason)!

  1. Danny B

    My guildie and I were having a productive discussion on the new leveling progress and also issues with the LFR tier of raids and came up with this idea I thought I’d share worth you guys.

    It’s based on Taliesin’s idea here https://youtu.be/6EXTrcnTFS4, basically incorporate a special solo or ~3 person version (basically on the level of the “you may need up to 3 ppl” current quests) of the expansions raids into the chromie time leveling process. I think that would be amazing and wondered if they could take it one step further. Remove LFR and make that 1-3 person version of the raid avail instead for the people who aren’t raiders but still want to be able to experience the full story, then when the next exp comes they can roll that into the chromie time leveling!

    Just a thought. Thx for all the entertaining content.


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