1 thought on “ART Ep. 388: The Bacheleor, Warcraft Edition (feat. Turarts)!

  1. Danny B

    “Pull the ripcord” actually comes from Preach’s interview with Ion on 17Jul where he said “if we need to pull the ripcord, that option exists”. Then in the recent article you mentioned that’s he’s backtracking saying there’s no ripcord… when he’s the one who mentioned it.

    On the covenants situation it is going to be very disheartening if I have to choose between what I think is coolest/most enjoyable and what is best for my damage in order to help my guild the most. Like right now looking like Night Fae is BiS for DK. I have 0 interest thematically in a fairy DK. So for me having the ability to be a Necrolord DK or whatever and that be the only covenant I can use tmog or the special event for but still being able to use just the other covenants ability, maybe unlockable through renown or rep, would be a huge QoL improvement.

    For the casual ppl who don’t care, only play one spec, and never look up what is “BiS” for them… they wouldn’t be affected at all. So not sure why so many casuals argue so passionately for something that shouldn’t matter to them :-/. Hopefully they can balance them within a few % and I can feel ok picking what I want and not what I have to for progression but history is not making that look likely.


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