3 thoughts on “ART Ep. 414: A Come to Thrall Moment.

  1. Lars Pedersen

    Dear Ben and Jon. Thank you for countless hours of entertainment. You’ve made going to work so much more enjoyable. You’ve also been there, time and time again, to pique my interest in the game whenever it waned, and I’ve resubscribed because of your podcast more than a few times. For what it’s worth, even though Jon feels the show has been in a bad place for some time, this is not something I’ve experienced as a listener. I feel that your criticism is always constructive, and there should be a place for that too. That being said, I do understand that it’s hard to think of something to say week after week when the enthusiasm for the game isn’t there. I have recently unsubscribed from the game, and it would be hypocritical to expect you two to soldier on when my own interest in playing is lacking. I don’t play many games other than WoW, and of course being familiar with the game makes listening to Azeroth Roundtable more enjoyable for me. But ultimately I’m here for Ben and Jon and the great way you complement each other, and I will keep listening no whatever you decide to make as long as the two of you are together. Please never stop – hope to revisit Azeroth with you soon, but if you feel like going someplace else, I will tag along.

  2. Doug Pearce

    Never sent an email to a show before. You guys kick ass and I don’t care what you do. A WoW podcast would be cool but it don’t matter. I’ll listen like I have been for the last 3 years. Hope little jagger is doing good and the vacation is good too!
    Keep up the awesome times,

  3. Phil Lewis

    Hi guys, just wanna say, I miss the show!! I’d normally be getting it on about now in the UK, ready to hit some world quests. You guys are great, I love what you’ve given to us in the wow community over the years, such an entertaining podcast! I love your theorycrafting, the lore chat, and just feeling like I’m at the roundtable with you guys has been a privilege through this weird ol’ time of the pandemic. Your guest episodes are always a refreshing change to the normal show format. But how can anyone deny the best episodes: the blizzcon predictions and the aftermath!! I do hope this isn’t the end, but whatever happens, best of luck to you both and your families!
    Big love, Phil


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