1 thought on “ART Ep. 419: Azeroth Hiatus Table: Adding a Senior Center!

  1. Pappibear

    Hey just a listener on Spotify.
    I get your guys point on 9.1 listened to it and still in the middle of it. I hate to say it but you guys just seem burned out on wow. Just as an example
    The guy was saying he finally made it to korthia and bam do these dailies and he just gave up. The sad part is that’s wow. Even next expansion your still going to have to do boring quests it what it is. And it shouldn’t have to be that way. There’s a lot I could go on about but it just sounds like you want to log on and get a handout? And talking up final fantasy.
    It just sounds like you guys gave up
    Thanks for reading and I don’t mean any harm just adding alittle from a listener:)


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